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About i2 Advisors LLC

Our dedicated team is a group of experienced and qualified professionals who work exclusively in the life settlement market for more than 24 years.

Taking the Lead With Alternative Investments

  • Low correlation: Life settlements are not affected by the performance of the stock market, the interest rates, or the economy. They depend only on the mortality of the insured persons, which is relatively predictable and stable. This can help reduce the volatility and risk of a portfolio.
  • High returns: Life settlements can offer higher returns than other fixed income investments, such as bonds or annuities. The returns are based on the difference between the purchase price of the policy and the death benefit, minus the premiums and fees. The returns can range from high single digits to low double digits, depending on the life expectancy of the insured persons.
  • Inflation protection: Life settlements can help preserve the purchasing power of money in times of rising inflation, as the death benefit of the policy is usually fixed and does not lose value over time. The premiums of the policy may also be fixed or increase at a lower rate than inflation.

However, life settlements are complex and uncertain investments that require careful due diligence and professional guidance. They are usually only accessible to sophisticated and accredited investors who can afford and understand the risks involved.

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